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Purchase several performances together and you are eligible for a discount; for details, view ticket and ordering information. Many of the performances sell out, we recommend pre-purchasing your tickets to a performance. Seating at the Auburn Avenue Theater is on a first come, first served basis. The Theater is open one hour prior to the start of a show for box office ticket sales and 30 minutes prior to the start of a show for seating. If you are interested in renting The Auburn Avenue Theater for your live performance or event, please contact Jim Kleinbeck , Theater Operations Specialist, at to schedule an appointment. Friday, January 26, , 7:

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How do i hook up my sirius radio in my car Some radios have logos how do i hook up my sirius radio in my car help identify the type of radio: Let’s get this party started. Plus, discover exclusive subscriber-only discounts. Each satellite radio has its very own ID number. About Dawn Moses how do i hook up my sirius radio in my car The following procedures will help you obtain the best performance.

XM Vehicle Installation This Vehicle Installation section can help you achieve the best in-vehicle performance with your XM Dock & Play, SkyDock, Snap or Portable radio. Choose the Antenna Installation section to see step-by-step instructions for properly installing the magnetic mount antenna for your specific vehicle type.

Used to access menu options to make setup and feature changes. Press- ing and holding displays the FM Frequency menu option. Connection for the provided magnetic antenna. Figure 1 When the radio is powered on, the previously selected channel will automatically begin play- ing. Selecting Channels Directly Selecting Channels Directly A channel may be directly selected by entering the channel number using buttons on the radio.

To enter a channel number, momentarily press and release the prompt Figure 7 , enter the three digit channel number. Channel Presets You can store up to 10 of your favorite channels as presets for quick recall access by press- ing the 0—9 buttons. Fm Frequency Selecting Presets Press and release one of the 0—9 buttons to select a preset channel. Channel Lock Channel Lock Channels may be locked so that they can only be accessed by entering a 4-digit code. Locked channels can only be selected by using the direct entry method, by momentarily press- ing the Select button and entering the channel number at the prompt by using the 0—9 buttons.

Menu Options Menu Options To enter the Menu Options page of the radio, press the lect a menu option, use the adjust, and press the Select button. If a selection is not made within 10 seconds, the radio will exit the menu options mode, and revert to the last active display mode. To exit menu options, or any of the other menu option screens, repeatedly press and release thee Menu button until you are returned to the default display screen. This frequency may not be suitable for your area.

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Drivers of the all-new Ram are the first to have access to SiriusXM with L, a new platform that for the first time delivers a ” degree listening” experience to drivers and their passengers via both satellite and streaming, and offers exciting new features and functionality in the vehicle and beyond. SiriusXM with L delivers SiriusXM’s full lineup of more than channels, while enabling the user to enjoy a more personalized “lean back” experience as SiriusXM serves them content recommendations on their touch screen, based on their listening preferences.

Drivers and their passengers will find it easier to discover more of what SiriusXM offers, including exclusive SiriusXM On-Demand programming never before available in the dash.

How do i hook up an aftermarket stereo to the sirius tuner – Answered by a verified Car Electronics Technician. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Hi, I have a kenwood DNX , car stereo, i am looking to hook up sirius radio.

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December 8, 4: And f— Steve Bannon. SiriusXM takes no political position of our own across our more than channels, but we are here to provide an open forum no matter where listeners stand on the political spectrum.

Purchase an audio cable that matches the connection type of your car radio and your Sirius or XM radio at your local electronics retailer. Your radio requires a 1/8” stereo male connector. Your local electronics retailer can help you determine the proper connection for your car radio.

SiriusXM is the best way to get your favorite music, sports, news, comedy, talk, and much more — with the clear-digital sound quality you expect from Alpine. Never have a dull drive again. Overview You’re looking at an advanced Bluetooth receiver that’s easy and intuitive to use. This one-stop music player has a sleek LCD display with fixed red illumination.

Alpine’s signature rotary knob makes controlling all your music a breeze. This unit also comes with a convenient front panel auxiliary input – so you or your passenger can plug in a portable media player as an additional source.


Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Both of these need to use the extra input in the stereo to work and you can only have one or the other.

If you’ve never accessed your online SiriusXM account before, call us and we’ll get you sorted out. Make sure you have the Radio ID, ESN or VIN from your new car when you call. Thanks for being a Loyal Listener and Happy Listening.

Read this whole article, it will help, I promise. Also watch my video, located below. This is a loose description of that very in-depth video. We will start by removing the CD changer. On the side closer to the back seat, there are two phillips screws. Loosen those, lift up, and pull out. There will be two wires in the bottom of the CD changer.

One is a 3-pin connector, that is power. Remove all wires and put aside. Retrofitting the BM53 radio. To upgrade to the BM53 radio from the C43 is not a big job.

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Here are some amusing things that happened to me and hopefully will help you. Even though Mexican power in Cancun is volts AC, many of the hotels are wired with the European-style wall sockets plugs require “two round electrodes” rather than “two flat electrodes” which is standard in Canada and the USA. Here is their online catalog information should you decide to do the same: Some hotel sockets will accept both round and flat electrodes but are recessed into a pocket which is too small to physically accept the already-small power adapter could this be a hotel safety precaution?

You will need some kind of mechanical extension to get around this so it is a good idea to pay the 10 bucks and be better prepared Connecting the antenna We were placed in suite with a beautiful view of the Caribbean sea click here to see the location.

Side Note: If you bought a car and are on a trial subscription, you don’t need a username and password to sign up. All you need is the Radio ID and your zip code to get started. All you need is the Radio ID and your zip code to get started.

Whether it’s in your car, motorcycle, home, or your office, the Boostaroo audio amplifier can go wherever your satellite radio can go. Simply plug a Boostaroo into the headphone jack of your XM Radio, then plug in your headphones to one of the 2 output jacks, and you’ll get at least double the volume. Your audio will be clear and crisp, with no added distortion from your satellite radio.

It is nothing short of spectacular. I just love it. It was easy to splice into my satellite radio on my motorcycle and it is so loud I can hardly turn it up. I read the site and reviews. I didn’t know if “doubling” the sound was going to be enough for my Sirius radio I installed on my motorcycle. I took a chance, thinking if I didn’t like it I could return it.

How do i hook up my sirius radio in my car

Kaye Sync or Swim: Pairing Bluetooth in Your Car Given all the fuss about the new generation of connected cars, you’d be entitled to think that the process would be simpler. Not so much for the car, but because it was our first vehicle with built-in Bluetooth audio. Finally, hands-free phone in the car, finally good tunes from my iPhone, finally Sirius XM Radio without a Sirius receiver.

A Sirius car radio is sold with the necessary accessories to connect the device to your vehicle, but some manufacturers sell a separate home kit that allows you to hook up the radio to a stereo.

June 22, at 9: A black screen sounds like you need to do an upgrade on your Sync system software. Log into and register your vehicle on suppoprt. Otherwise, do what the article suggests: With your vehicle on and running in park , go to the Settings tab in the Phone corner of the MyFord Touch. On the next screen, tap the Bluetooth Devices tab. On the next page, tap the phone tab usually shows the model number of the phone or the name you have given your phone. On the right side of the screen, touch the Delete tab.

Now, turn your vehicle off, open the hood. Remove it from the battery for about five minutes. Completely power down your phone for at least a minute. Turn your phone back on.

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