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Their military doctrine, known today as Blitzkrieg Lighting War , has set a precedence for all countries to model their doctrines after. The Germans emphasized heavy-hitting, well armoured vehicles, which is an easily identifiable trait on their late-war vehicles. It is important to note the German tank fighting style favoured long-range engagements, owing to their extensive combat experience, hard learned on the wide open Eastern Front in World War II. German armoured vehicles were introduced into War Thunder with Update 1. Class Specifics Germany Light Tanks are relatively on-par with other nations of their respective ranks, boasting good armour for a light tank and decent speed while retaining a solid punch. Their early vehicles like the Panzer II series distinguish themselves from other vehicles in the rank, because are the only ones to possess automatic cannons as their main armament, save for the T Germans lack other light tanks starting from ranks II-V, save for premium vehicles. Germany Medium Tanks combine excellent firepower, armour, and mobility in sleek designs like the Panther series. Other vehicles of this branch, like the renowned Panzer III series and Panzer IV series may lack in armour, but make up for this deficiency with a hard-hitting, high RoF cannon. Players of this branch will be amazed at the ability of German vehicles to deliver damage to the enemy in short order.

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Camo calculator allows to find out exact camo values and view range of WoT vehicles, depending of individual vehicle configuration and crew skills.

These new prototypes were the start of the usage of the Schachtellaufwerk wheel arrangements, but these also never passed prototype stages and were both cancelled in During the development of the prototypes above, the German invasion of France showed that the Allied tanks such as the Somua, Char B1, and Matilda II were impervious to their current anti-tank weaponry and a need for better armoured and armed tanks were emphasized. So on May 26, , Henschel and Porsche were asked to submit designs for a 45 ton heavy tank that was to be ready for demonstration by June During their development in June , Germany initiated Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union and was shocked by appearance of the T and KV-1 tanks that were invulnerable to all but the most potent anti-tank weapon in German inventory, one of which was the 88 mm FlaK cannon.

The potency of the 88 mm cannon against the heavily armoured tanks that the Germans faced had Hitler ordered that the heavy tank design undertaken by Henschel and Porsche to utilize the 88 mm as its main armament instead of a 75 mm cannon. The designs of the tank was finalized and ready for demonstration on April 20, , Hitler’s birthday, and showed the VK The demonstration and subsequent evaluations on the two designs determined that the Henschel variant was superior to the Porsche variant, proving more reliable, more mobile, and more easily produced than the Porsche.

This caused the Henschel variant to be adopted as the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger and production started in August The Porsche variant had many chassis produced as Ferdinand Porsche thought the design would win, so the chassis were instead used in the Ferdinand tank destroyer. Design What perhaps made the Tiger I so unique in tank development and German doctrine is a change of focus between the three characteristics of the tank; with more emphasis to firepower and armour than to mobility.

The Tiger I contained the large 88 mm KwK 36 cannon which was very accurate and powerful, being able to penetrate every Allied armour present at its introduction. The armour on the Tiger I was also one of the greatest at the time, with an astounding mm of armour on the front hull armour, 82 mm on the side superstructure and rear, and mm on the gun mantlet. The armour was vertical faced so no sloping benefits were present like on the Panther.

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Changed the durability from 1, HP to 1, HP. Changed the research cost of the BL-9S gun from 44, to 24, Changed the research cost of the next vehicle in the branch—Object —from , to , Added the mm D-4S gun.

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The Tiger II has passable armor for a tier 8 heavy tank since almost the bulk of its armor is concentrated on the upper glacis and turret front. Other areas suffer from the armor being concentrated in two main locations as the other areas are relatively weak for a tier 8 heavy tank, especially on the sides and rear. Fortunately for the Tiger II it has decent gun depression allowing it to hide its lower glacis and making it difficult for many tier 8 and under tanks that it faces to penetrate it reliably.

Release Notes World of Tanks – detailed information about the latest WoT updates, stay informed about the free to play online multiplayer tank game.

Daca faci asta aduci reload-ul la 4. Daca reuseti sa faci si Brothers in Arms pe echipaj o sa ai 4. View rangeul este de cu binoclu , asa ca o sa reusesti sa-ti gasesti singur victimele. Camuflajul este la nivelul unui concert rock ascuns in centrul orasului. Cum sa joci acest tanc: Exista 2 tipuri de joc cu acest tanc. Primul si cel mai sigur este sa stai in spate. Gasesti un loc in care sa-ti ascunzi lower plate-ul si pui tunul la treaba.

Ai grija sa nu fii flancat de mediumuri pentru ca tancul pur si simpu nu vrea sa se intoarca. Icearca ca prima lovitura trasa sa fie la senila, pentu a tine “victima” la locul ei, dupa care poti sa tragi. Daca ai noroc, pana ca inamicul sa-si repare senila el este mort. Al doilea mod de joc este sa stai aproape de inamic. Mie personal nu-mi place acest stil de joc pentru ca ai nevoie de ajutor de la coechipieri mult noroc la gasit coechipieri pe care sa te poti baza , dar daca joci intr-un pluton si cineva poate sa-ti acopere flancurile, acest mod de joc poate fi mai eficient pentru ca faci si spoting dmg, pe langa dmg-ul propriu zis.

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They were characterized by unprecedented ferocity, wholesale destruction, mass deportations, and immense loss of life due to combat, starvation, exposure, disease, and massacres. The Eastern Front, as the site of nearly all extermination camps, death marches, ghettos, of the estimated 70 million deaths attributed to World War II, over 30 million, many of them civilian, occurred on the Eastern Front.

The Eastern Front was decisive in determining the outcome of the European portion of World War II and it resulted in the destruction of the Third Reich, the partition of Germany for nearly half a century and the rise of the Soviet Union as a military and industrial superpower. The two principal belligerent powers were Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, along with their respective allies. Though never engaged in action in the Eastern Front, the United Kingdom.

World of Tanks Release Notes – general information on recent WoT releases, stay informed on the latest features of free online mmo team-based multiplayer pc game for boys.

Paris Improved multiple objects on maps. One of the terrain changes on the Mines map was rolled back to the state of Update 1. Changes to the Exterior interface The customization window has been changed. The interface is now resizable depending on the screen resolution. Improved interaction with the radial menu. Added flags of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan to the Emblems. Clan-Related Changes All players who belong to a clan will receive a style that can be applied to a vehicle of any nation; the style is all-season and changes depending on the map type.

The style is added to the account when a player joins a clan and removed when the player leaves the clan. The Stronghold option will be replaced with the Clans option for non-clan players. The option content will be changed too.

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Presumably the patch itself will hit just before Christmas. This update has, as its main feature, the introduction of Japanese tanks. Onto the tanks themselves. Well, I will not be trialling them on the live server, but there are essentially two lines. Without having any experience of any of the tanks my intention is to progress up both lines, but we shall see how things go. One thing I will note is how small this introduction is.

Mar 19,  · World of Tanks weak spots can be difficult to learn and very time consuming. These weak spot guides here on WoT Guru go into great detail specific weak spots that take into account effective armor values and unlike other places will list weak spots based on both vertical/horizontal angles on armor to get a true value of the armor’s effectiveness.

I will be going over its history, stats, and how it would compare to other tanks of its class and tier. This tank is in no way confirmed to be introduced, this is merely a historical overview and a fan proposal. This post is dated as of patch 0. This article uses third-party sources for its information. While I have no reason to doubt the credibility of these sources, it’s possible their information is not completely accurate.

That said, I try to use numerous sources so I can cross-reference them and curb misinformation.

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