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The world’s first 3D handheld games console is here Wed, 08 Aug The continued success of the Nintendo Switch has some worried about the future of the dual-screen handheld, but a strong library of games and a number of planned releases will ensure there’s a good amount of life in it yet. Read on below for what we thought when the 3D-enabled portable console first came out The release of the Nintendo 3DS in early was a landmark moment from arguably the most innovative company in the gaming world. Nintendo is responsible for iconic household names like Super Mario, SNES and Gameboy, all of which have made a massive contribution to how we play today. But the Japanese company has also been busy redefining the modern medium with its most recognised bit of kit — the Wii, dragging everyone from nine year old girls to year-old grandparents around the TV to wave a white remote in the air. PS Vita review Nintendo’s current handheld line — the Nintendo DS — has had a similar amount of pull on the public, creating a world where everyone’s a gamer. You might be Brain Training on the bus or leaping over spike pits at lunch, either way you’re a part of a video game boom at least in terms of awareness that’s never been seen before, and that’s largely thanks to Nintendo.

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Audio What you hear from your game can greatly affect how you react. Both the Logitech G35 and the Logitech G have 7. The precision audio allows gamers to have special awareness for things like enemies sneaking around or special ability cues. The Logitech G35 also has seven discrete channels of audio data as well as a low frequency effects channel.

The ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset for PS4, PC, and Mac delivers top-of-the-line acoustics, ergonomics, and durability that professional gamers demand. Experience legendary sound and performance without the inconvenience and restrictions that come with wires.3/5(2).

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change?

Has there been too much?

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For an optimal audio experience in Destiny, please see the below recommendations. Console System Settings For all console platforms, the recommend system settings are the ones that have the audio play through the headset. The recommended system setting is Chat Audio for optimal use with in-game audio settings. The Xbox One does not have any additional system settings for voice chat and audio that needs to be selected.

Players should ensure that the system output device is set to USB Headphone, Bluetooth Headphone, or whichever audio device appears.

To Set Up Your A50 Wireless + Base Station with a PC. Step 1. Switch the Base Station into PC Mode using the Mode Switch on the right side of Base Station. Step 2. Right click the speaker icon in your computer’s taskbar and select “Playback devices.” Step 3. Select Astro A50 Game, then right click & set as Default Device. Step 4.

February 16, Let me preface this by saying there are several problems with this headset, but they really don’t take away from the value of the headset itself or it’s functionality at all. As an avid gamer all my life I can say this is one of the best purchases I ever made, and I’ve been using them for months now. No wires from your headset to anything else.

Just one cable from the charging stand to aux output on the xbox, and then one to USB in the back of the xbox for power. I can walk out of my room, and down the hall of my dorm with it’s cinderblock walls and still get signal. But again, toss the headset on the charger when you pass by every day or two and let it charge for a bit, easy fix.

And they do it without really compromising how loud you are to them. This problem is ALWAYS fixed by turning the headset off, unplugging the power cord from the charging stand, plugging it back in and turning the headset back on. It takes 10 seconds if that and has fixed any and all audio problems I’ve had as long as I’ve used these. This headset is the best I’ve found in my hours an hours and HOURS of research across tech forums, amazon, reading hundreds of customer reviews, tech specs, all that.

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Share on Facebook Surround sound brings a deeper, richer audio listening experience to your computer. It’s more immersive, much like the difference between going to a movie theater and watching a movie on a TV at home. You can test and configure your surround sound speakers on Windows to ensure that you have the most optimal listening experience.

Connect the Base Station to a PC or MAC using the Micro USB Cable that was included Place the A50 Headset in the Base Station and make sure the charging lights turn on.

After plugging in the microphone, test the thing. Testing works differently depending on your version of Windows. To test the microphone in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, heed these steps: Ensure that the microphone is properly connected and stuff. Open the Control Panel and choose Ease of Access. The Microphone Setup Wizard materializes.

Click the Next button, and so on.

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Now with SkipBack and Facecam: Upload gameplay to YouTube with one click. Show your best gameplay to your friends Lag free video pass through: Model numbers model HDMI output cable – 6 ft.

Important: If you connect to an analog 2-channel output on your PC motherboard or soundcard, you will need to adjust the PC’s volume control in addition to the MixAmp’s™ MASTER VOLUME control. Start out with the PC’s volume control at least halfway up.

If you want to know what to buy this holiday season, here’s your list. November 17, 9: When you test as many products as the PCMag analysts do, it’s not surprising that they all start to look alike. Every box seems to have the same features, every game the same mechanics, every technology is simply keeping up with the digital Joneses. Then, once in a while, something truly amazing stands out. Those are the products we’ve gathered here, the top of close to 2, tested by our staff in That’s only 4 percent of the reviews published at PCMag.

The trends are obvious. Desktop PCs, once the lifeblood of our coverage, aren’t as plentiful nor, to be honest, as interesting as they used to be.

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Miscellaneous Black Friday deals are upon us! Below are some of the highlights we’ve found so far. As deals roll in, we’ll add more to the page. All our deals are hand picked to make sure they’re something we’d buy ourselves, and that they’re actually selling for deep discounts compared to their normal pricing.

Nov 05,  · Additionally, Astro includes a very simple Quick Start Guide that explains how to connect to a PlayStation 3, PC or Xbox S (an original Xbox will require an AV adapter, component cable or /5.

Set up a wired controller on Windows 10 Follow these steps to install your Xbox wired controller on Windows Plug the Xbox controller into any USB 2. Windows 10 will automatically install drivers for your controller, so you won’t have to download or install software other than Windows 10 updates. Once you see the pop-up notification that the drivers have been installed, you can use your controller.

Open a game or the Xbox app and test your controller by pressing a button, pulling a trigger, or moving a stick on the controller. If your controller still does not work, check that Windows 10 is fully updated. Install any updates and then try again. Refer to your game documentation for information about how to configure the Xbox controller for a specific game.

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The circumaural cups do a brilliant job of filtering out external noise while also minimising heat levels thanks to a breathable material cover over its cushioned pads. Turtle Beach has been building surround cans for consoles for years now, and knows the algorithms needed to trick your ears into perceiving a wide space. No long, dangling wires from the receiver to your PC as with so many other wireless setups.

The Turtle Beach Z is the best wireless headset we’ve used at a mid-budget price.

is it possible to wire the astro a50? > Solved is it possible to wire the astro a50? you could solve it by attaching a piece of coloured string to the PC and the headset, and it would be.

That changed recently, with the unveiling of the console-geared Razer Thresher Ultimate. This is a wireless headset that promises to deliver high-fidelity audio in a wireless, all-in-one package that also includes a microphone. But the world of high-end wireless headsets is a very competitive space. Time to find out in our comprehensive review.

Included in the box is everything you need to get set up. You get the headset, of course, along with a base station. The back of the base station has a handful of ports — two optical ports, one in and one out, plus two USB ports: There exists an Xbox One variant of this headset, and besides the switch saying Xbox One and the headset having green accents, the headsets are identical. In a nice touch, Razer has included a headset stand as well.

Once assembled, it is conveniently the perfect size to be placed over the base station. You can then hang the headset over the base station when not in use.

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Optical, USB Headset inputs: Removable boom mic Weight: The light stitching contrasts really well to the black of the leather and the padding is genuinely substantial enough to cushion the crown and prevent any aching or pain even over the most lengthy play sessions. The frame is cool to the touch and finished in a matte, two-tone chrome finish. Each ear cup can be rotated through a pleasingly wide arc, and there is that lovely piston-feel resistance on each, which means that the angle at which each is orientated does not change accidentally when taking the headset on and off, or placing it down on a flat surface between uses.

This is where the LS40s absolutely knocked it out of the park.

Question regarding A50 and PS4/PC Question (aming) submitted 3 years ago by jabso19 I currently have an old Astro A30 which I’m looking to replace as I’ve damaged the cable a fair bit.

I gave in to a new one recently…and bought the latest generation of the Astro A I bought them for my home desktop specifically. I play a lot of PC games big surprise and I have finally gotten fed up with having to unplug and detangle myself from my headset any time I want to get up briefly for a drink or something during a gaming session. I knew going into PAX west that I wanted to get hands on with a few wireless headsets to determine what I wanted, so I spent a few hours of my expo time at multiple booths trying out my options.

I also went in already knowing that I was leaning Astro. They are probably the most expensive of the options out there, but they have always been appealing to me. So when I went to the Astro booth I was excited to see what they could do for me in the wireless realm. They had the new A50s, with the wireless base station, in the booth and of course I went right over to try them out. In the small amount of time I got on the floor with them I found that they were very comfortable, and really liked the way that the base station looked and felt.

However, the new generation with the base station was, or course, not available yet. They were delayed more than once, had some difficulty communicating these delays with those who preordered, and even had some supply issues to re-sellers. The set up was a bit more in depth than I expected, and I felt like some of the required steps were not very well explained in the set up guide included with the headset.

However I have found the Astro forums to be very useful, and after a bit of troubleshooting I know have the headset configured how I want and I am very happy with how they feel and sound.

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