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This whole year has gone by so quickly. Then, in late January, we all moved to California and after that just started rehearsing, thinking about what songs we wanted our EP. It debuted on the Billboard charts at 14 and it has just been really awesome. It has just been really, really great. Do you think there was anything specific about your sound that helped you succeed or enabled the debut EP to do so well? And, what sets Pentatonix apart from other a capella groups? I think from the beginning, our sound. We kind of wanted to stay more contemporary. I think we all blend very well, and so that kind of helps as well. What went into the process of picking which songs would be on the EP?


By Mikael Wood Oct 21, 8: But the most remarkable moment in the quintet’s concert Monday night — and the most vivid demonstration of its improbable accomplishment — involved only one of those voices, in harmony with itself. The instrument in question belonged to Avi Kaplan, the group’s resident bass as well as a man capable of producing two pitches at the same time.

Pentatonix Biography Biography of Pentatonix. Pentatonix is a five-person American group of singers popular for acapella music. They are distinguished by their contemporary format and display unique strengths at each position.

What’s your musical background? Were you always a singer as opposed to instrumentalist, athlete, actor, etc? Have you been in other a cappella bands? I started singing when I was 5 years old around town with a group called God’s Country Kids, from there I started performing country music at a local revue called Johnny High’s Country music review.

There is where I really fell in love with performing. After that, I tried out for Star Search in and placed 12th. I’ve always sung and performed since, and now I’m enrolled at USC for music and performing. I’ve played piano for years, and played basketball growing up, and was in theatre most my life, but nothing thrilled me as much as just singing. Did you set out to create a specific sound, or are you just doing the music you love?

As for the group, our sound just happened organically. Our three part harmony mixed with Avi’s incredibly low and powerful bass mixed with Kevin’s unique and dubstep-esque beatboxing, the sound just sort of happened and we weren’t expecting it. It was pretty remarkable and exciting for us.

Pentatonix from Vine. Kirstie and Avi 😀

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Mitch? Scott? Kirstie? Avi? Kevin? Find out now. I Hope for Scott personally. By continuing to use the Playbuzz Platform, you agree to the use of cookies. Which Pentatonix Member are you most like Kirstie! The talented one. Kevin beatboxer extrodinare.

Who are the current members of Pentatonix? How did Pentatonix come together? Pentatonix began life as Kirstin, Mitch and Scott singing together in highschool. He was the band’s bass singer between Why did Avi Kaplan leave Pentatonix Avi Kaplan was Pentatonix’s bass singer between , but decided to leave the group because he was unable to see his friends and family due to the group’s busy touring schedule.

He replaced Avi Kaplan as the group’s bass singer. Are Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi dating?

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They will make their debut Monday, September 26 on the Season Premiere: Here is their official bio: Pentatonix has that special a cappella swag, something that most singing groups tend to lack. They can sing, dance, harmonize and put together a respectable arrangement in just minutes. The five-member group based in Los Angeles is very new, although some of the members were part of a trio that went to high school together in Arlington, Texas.

Pentatonix is an Acappella group of five vocalists, Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola, originating from Arlington, Texas. (Kevin Olusola is Nigerian and a beat boxer).

View moreless Facts of Kirstie Maldonado Kirstie met love of her life Jeremy Michael Lewis in while she was competing on the 4th session of an American television singing competition The Sing-Off. Jeremy Michael Lewis is an entrepreneur and the owner of the company Platobrand. They are having love affairs since that time on.

She is now aged 23 years old and her height is unknown in the social Medias. Her bio is well accessible in famousbirthdays. Kirstie was enrolled at University of Oklahoma with a major in music theatre. She is actually a National Hispanic Scholar. She entered into the music world as a member of a cappella group Pentatonix in and they competed in an American television singing competition The Sing-Off that year.

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Pentatonix: On My Way Home TV-G 1h 29m This concert documentary follows self-proclaimed choir nerds turned Grammy-winning vocal quintet Pentatonix on their sold-out tour.

Pentatonix Photograph by Jiro Schneider The popularity of shows like Glee and movies like Pitch Perfect created a perfect pop culture ecosystem for an a cappella group to thrive. After winning The Sing-Off hosted by native son Nick Lachey in , Pentatonix has become the face of a reborn genre. This month, they kicked off a city tour headlined by Kelly Clarkson that arrives at Riverbend on July I suppose if you had to pick a lead singer for Pentatonix it would be you.

But in reality, the lead singer changes all the time. Was that dynamic something the group consciously tried to cultivate? It was kind of a special thing for us that we can have everyone do leads and everyone do solo type stuff because everyone in the group is super, super talented, and can carry a lead. I think what makes our group so special is what we can do as a group. A lot of times in other groups, the soloist is what makes a group so special. Be honest, did you have any doubt that you were going to win?


She began her classical training during high school and was a member of the Texas All State Choir for three years. As a four-year show choir member and dance captain, Kirstin held numerous roles in local stage productions, performing at shows around the Metroplex, including Casa Manana and Bass Hall. They got engaged on May 29, They were supposed to get married at the end of November , but the wedding has been postponed for unknown reasons.

Scott Richard Hoying is one of the original trio that started Pentatonix. Hoying is a songwriter and pianist who has been performing since the age of 8. Hoying is a songwriter and pianist who has been performing since the age of 8.

You chuckled quietly to yourself, a grin on your face, before sitting down next to Scott. The truth was, Avi most definitely was into you. In fact, he was more than just into you. You and Avi had been dating for months now, but the most important factor was that it was a complete secret. Nobody knew, not even the rest of the band. Despite this, there were definitely rumours.

Not only rumours within the fandom but also within the band. There was a lot of shipping going on, and at first the band would find it funny but they were starting to become suspicious. You wished you could tell them really, but Avi wanted to keep your relationship private from the fans until he felt it was right and if that meant keeping it from the band as well you were willing to do it for his sake. You smiled and shook your head as he walked out and Avi walked back in.

She sat down next to you, leaving you in between her and Avi. Can you really not see it? Of course I see it!

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Pentatonix – Pentatonix is a five-member American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas, with vocalists Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Mitch Grassi. Pentatonix formed in and subsequently won the season of NBCs The Sing-Off, receiving $,

It’s the end of the year, after all, and that is when one writes reminiscy, soppy, deep and random, wrappy-uppy, plan-filled posts, right? You might have noticed I didn’t fill out “the Annual Tag” that I usually always do. I started it and then I suddenly decided I was sick of answering the questions and stopped. There’s no use writing a blog post when you’re like ‘mehhh’ the whole time through writing it and I felt that way so I just stopped. On a blogger note though: I’ll probably be posting less in Well, to put it the blunt way: I like blogging less.

I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings; but I do. It used to be my favourite thing to do and I woke up so, so excited, yearning to read all the new comments and to write new posts. Now, it’s a side-hobby and a good, steady one at that, and, don’t get me wrong, I love it!

Pentatonix Announces Avi Kaplan Is Leaving The Group