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Some people consider Jayabaya’s prophecy as being about the great war between native Surabayan people and foreign invaders at the start of the war of independence in Another story tells of two heroes who fought each other to be the king of the city. The two heroes were named Sura and Baya. These folk etymologies , though embraced enthusiastically by its people and city leaders, are unverifiable. Dutch residenthuis resident house along the water in Surabaya Red Bridge area from the air in the s Early history[ edit ] Map of Surabaya from an English travel guide The Kingdom of Janggala was one of the two Javanese kingdoms that was formed in when Airlangga abdicated his throne in favour of his two sons. The earliest historical record of Surabaya was in the book Zhu fan zhi written by Zhao Rugua , in which it was called Jung-ya-lu.

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Grand Bay from offshore Grand Bay was the first area of the island to fully experience the tourist boom. A shopping and leisure paradise, Grand Bay is also where Mauritians go when they want a fun-filled night out restaurants, bars and discos. Recently renovated, La Cuvette beach is well worth a visit. Pereybere — The wonderful Pereybere public beach, voted World’s Most Beautiful Beach in is popular because of its shopping facilities, restaurants and pubs.

This is one of the best beaches for swimming. Glass bottomed boat trips, Mangrove forest visits,water skiing and tubing.

Oxford (/ ˈ ɒ k s f ər d / OKS-fərd) is a city in the South East region of England and the county town of an estimated population of ,, it is the 52nd largest city in the United Kingdom, and one of the fastest growing and most ethnically diverse. The city is 51 miles (82 km) from London, 61 miles (98 km) from Bristol, 59 miles (95 km) from Southampton, 57 miles.

Medieval[ edit ] Oxford was first settled in Anglo-Saxon times and was initially known as “Oxenaforda”, meaning ” ford of the oxen ” according to the English Place-Name Society , [12] who base their result on a passing reference in Florence of Worcester’s work Chronicon ex chronicis ; fords were more common than bridges at that time. In the 10th century, Oxford became an important military frontier town between the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex and was on several occasions raided by Danes.

In , many Danes were killed in Oxford during the England-wide St. Following the conquest, the town was assigned to a governor, Robert D’Oyly , who ordered the construction of Oxford Castle to confirm Norman authority over the area. The castle has never been used for military purposes[ dubious — discuss ] and its remains survive to this day. D’Oyly set up a monastic community in the castle consisting of a chapel and living quarters for monks St George in the Castle.

The community never grew large but it earned its place in history as one of Britain’s oldest places of formal education. It was there that in Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote his History of the Kings of Britain , a compilation of Arthurian legends.

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A Krabi- Surat Thani driver and his bus company have been charged after a case of reckless driving being caught on video. The video clip of the reckless Krabi –Surat Thani bus driving on a road spread in social media during the week.

Click to expand Where to dive Conditions in Acapulco are always changing. Generally, beginners should stay to the north of La Roqueta while advanced divers can explore the west of the city. Snorkeling in Acapulco Like most Mexican tourist destinations, snorkeling tours are plentiful in Acapulco. Roqueta Island, Caleta and Caletilla are the best area for snorkeling. These areas feature a variety of fish, calm conditions and generally good visibility.

Be prepared to access these snorkeling areas via small speed boat. Best dive sites in Acapulco View all dive sites in Acapulco There are approximately 20 dive sites near Acapulco, but the most popular surround La Roqueta Island. Most of these are suitable for beginners although there are some caves to explore for the more advanced, particularly at the aptly named Las Cuevas. Beginners can also take advantage of the Caleta and Caletilla dive sites as well as Rio de la Plata when conditions are calm.

For advanced divers, Bufadero offers a challenge as does the exciting site called Los Bajos de la Quebrada where whale sharks and humpback whales are occasionally spotted. Small coral formations, sea fans, barnacles and gorgonians dot the underwater landscape. Sea stars, trumpetfish, jacks, boxfish, balloonfish, moray eels and mackerel are a common sight. Seahorses hide among the reef, waiting for a watchful eye to spot them. Sea turtles feast while divers and snorkelers look on.

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Layers drawn to scale, objects within the layers are not to scale. Aurorae shown here at the bottom of the thermosphere can actually form at any altitude in this atmospheric layer. Principal layers In general, air pressure and density decrease with altitude in the atmosphere. However, temperature has a more complicated profile with altitude, and may remain relatively constant or even increase with altitude in some regions see the temperature section, below.

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It was the perfect killing machine: In short, this magnificent bastard was basically what the other prehistoric nightmare creatures had nightmares about. If you can look past the terrible haircut, you will notice the HUGE freaking tooth! Could Megalodon still be alive? Common believe among the scientific community is that Megalodon went extinct around 1,5 million years ago. However, there is also a group of scientists who believe Megalodon could actually be alive and well today — lurking somewhere in the depths of our unexplored ocean.

What could have done this?

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Tweet Share We’re gonna need a bigger boat. We’ve got the latest insights from the top shark researchers, a comprehensive look at the many shark species in all their GLORY and two weeks of our top shark shows. Why wait, when we need to inspire everyone to save our sharks now, more than ever?

Have you ever watched Jaws, saw the shark, and thought it was kinda hot? Well you’re in luck, because now you can live out your aquatic apex predator lovin’ dreams in Shark Dating Simulator XL.

Some people consider Jayabaya’s prophecy as being about the great war between native Surabayan people and foreign invaders at the start of the war of independence in Another story tells of two heroes who fought each other in order to be the king of the city. The two heroes were named Sura and Baya. These folk etymologies , though embraced enthusiastically by its people and city leaders, are unverifiable. Dutch residenthuis Resident House along the water in Surabaya Red Bridge area from the air in the s.

Early history[ edit ] Map of Surabaya from an English travel-guide The earliest record of Surabaya was in the book Zhu fan zhi written by Zhao Rugua , in which it was called Jung-ya-lu. Hujung Galuh was located on the estuarine of Brantas River and today is the part of modern Surabaya city and Sidoarjo Regency.

PICTURES: Moment rare thresher shark leaps from the sea off Dorset

But if you want to explore the beauty of the City of Light, get out of the metro and step into the sunshine! Skip the underground transportation and catch one of the many buses that zoom through the picturesque streets, making the journey as awe-inspiring as the destination. Line 63 runs from Porte de la Muette to Gare de Lyon.

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Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email They are two of the biggest — and deadliest — predators of all time. For years scientists believed both killer whales and great white sharks were utterly untouchable at the top of the food chain.

But now these monsters of the deep are locked in a deadly battle for survival off the coast of South Africa. The bodies of three great whites have washed up on beaches already during May. Some pods specialise in hunting one particular species, mastering unique techniques to catch their deadly prey. Ingrid Visser, who was studied killer whales for nearly 20 years, said orcas used their powerful tails to create strong underwater currents that forced the sharks to the surface, then stunned them.

The killer whales hunt in pods Image: Photolibrary RM Ms Towner, who is based at the shark hotspot of Gansbaai, two hours east of Cape Town, said killer whales had only ever been spotted attacking great whites twice, and never before around South Africa. She said the whales may have started targeting great whites because their other food sources were disappearing as a result of pollution or climate change. There are only two predators alive that are bigger than killer whales — the sperm whale and the giant squid.

Males can reach 9. Their tails can measure 2. On average they weigh up to six tonnes, but the heaviest recorded was a huge 10 tonnes – the equivalent of men.

Shark Dating Simulator XL

This car’s Blue paint has been wrapped in Matte Black vinyl, and an L88 style hood has been added, along with an integrated front spoiler, and style side exhaust, which has been painted Black. Convertible top and top frame are avg. The fender vents, front and rear bumpers, antenna, door handles, door lock cylinders, gas door emblem, wiper door, and hood scoop have been painted Charcoal Metallic, and the front emblem and rear letters have been deleted. Weatherstripping is vg, and taillights are in good condition.

The interior of this Corvette Big Block Restomod Convertible shows avg condition seats, steering wheel, dash pad, GM seatbelts, and center console, good condition door panels, and vg cutpile carpet.

Open. Ticket office ; Indoor expositions * ; Children’s Zoo *Indoor exhibitions are closed on Mondays You are allowed to walk in the Zoo for 2 hours after the Ticket office is closed.

Discover Mexico through our blog. June 13, Bacalar and the Lagoon of the Seven Colors It is one of the gems of the Caribbean coastline; a haven of artists, nestled within an area of outstanding natural beauty, where the adventurers zoom, at mph, across the ocean’s clear, blue horizon. It is known as the Lagoon of the Seven Colors. The town sits just twenty minutes drive south of Chetumal; and the residents of the state’s capital have found it well enough.

Bacalar is where they come to kick back and relax. A tranquil outpost, where the pace of life winds down to a snail’s crawl; where fun is informal and the food is rich, authentic Mexican fare. This is the Mexico that the tourists think that they are getting, up in sanitized, Americanized Cancun. Yet external influences have made their mark here too.

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Mail icon In turn, Case said – early and often – that Philadelphia has “the history” and “good attitude” to become a leader in socially relevant start-ups, a cause he says is “oft ignored” in the greedy environments of Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston, which claim “75 percent of venture capital investments. All was part of his “Rise of the Rest” tour – Philly was the 16th stop – which aims to identify and promote a new era of entrepreneurship across the United States. Case and company were kept busy schmoozing and noshing with movers, shakers, and makers over breakfast, lunch, and an ice cream social at Franklin Fountain in Old City.

They also made bus runs to Philly hot pockets of technology in Center City and University City, all coordinated by the city’s director of entrepreneurial engagement, Archna Sahay. The grand winner was not surprising.

How to play Taxi Madness Left/Right = Dodge Traffic Down = Brake Space = Jump Jump and dodge your way through traffic on a wild journey around the world. Collect awesome power-ups and cash to upgrade your taxi at the store.

Q Not that any questions have actually been asked frequently yet, but I’m pre-empting things here! Will there be noodz, or will it be all lame and censored? Going by other content available on Steam espeially Hunie Pop and Material Girl , I’m getting the impression that naked boobs are OK but anything else would be pushing it. So you will get tops at least and a patch to de-censor anything else if the player so chooses isn’t out of the question.

I’ll be looking at that further down the line. Do note that this visual novel is supposed to be funny rather than p0rny tho, so while naked shark girl is on offer, it’s not really the entire focus of the game. How does this XL version differ from the mobile version on Google Play? More polish, self-composed music, more images – you actually get to see some cartoon nudity.

Now, with the first early release the story line will be much the same.