Varadero Cuba Vacation VLOG and Review 2018 – Barcelo Solymar

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Varadero Cuba Vacation VLOG and Review 2018
( Day 1 )

Hey everyone and thanks for watching our vacation VLOG video to Varadero Cuba. We stayed at a 5 star hotel according to the hotel owner. The name of the Resort and hotel is Barcelo Solymar .
From what I understand you can find them on the web at BARCELO.COM Feel free to check out their website .

cuba day 2 video link

During this 7 day vacation the wife and I had a great time. Some of the best things about this vacation was the weather and the beach. Those are our most favorite things about this trip.
The food on the resort was ok. I tend to try and eat everything as I am not really picky when it comes to food. To me Leopazzo the food was ok. I wasn’t able to eat everything but i can say that I at least tried to taste everything. Most of the time we were eating rice with beef or chicken stew along with a great fresh salad and some seafood, such as shrimp and muscles and clams.
I also had a great coffee at the bar at the lobby.
Great taste, Cafe latte from cuba.

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